1. Losing Control

From the recording Tastiest Licks

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When did I get so weak
How did I end up in submission
When did I wander on my knees
How did you get me down in this position
Oh oh oh
I had my regimen, I had my routine
I had my head where it should be
Right on my cage, you slapped me in a daze
How dare you do this to me
Oh oh oh
I’m licking your fingers
I’m licking your toes
I’m kicking myself, for letting go
I’m licking your fingers, I’m licking your toes
I’m kicking myself for losing control
You ride me ruthless, like a cowboy
You dig your spurs into my flesh
You strap me in when
And then begin to lure me into shamelessness
Damn you for getting me so dirty
And making me like it when you do
How come somehow I enjoy
The wicked things that you make me do to you