1. Superhero

From the recording Tastiest Licks

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It’s another five AM alarm,
There’s another ticket on my car
It’s another long latte line,
I’m never gonna make it on time

I need a warrior, I need a lift,
I need a miracle to get me out of this

I need a superpower, a superhuman touch
I need a super being with the strength to pick me up
I need a super someone to get me out of bed
To set me on fire and bring me back to life again
Oh, where do I go?
Where do I find you?
Where’s my superhero?

Welcome to my mundane Monday life,
You can call me Ms. Boring, Ms. Trite
Pencils pushing paper, turning time,
The clock it mocks my every sigh

I need a warrior, I need a fix,
I’m gonna need a miracle, get me out of this…