1. On The Moon

From the recording Tastiest Licks

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I’m driving too slow or you’re going too fast
I’m afraid I can’t catch up with you,
I’m on my hands and knees and I’m begging for food
Picking up the crumbs that are left of you,
As you set out to sea and you’re sailing away
Into the silence of things you won’t say...

You’re my world, but I’m on the moon
Trying to find a way to get back to you
You’re the butterfly, I’m the prisoner
You’re the screamer, I just whisper
I’m on fire, but all you see is ash
Don’t you remember our passionate past?
You still take my breath away, but now I can’t breathe
‘Cause you don’t, you won’t share it with me...

I’m beside myself, you’re inside you
Our rainbow is turning to black and blue,
Even your cheap cigars and your red wine
Can’t hide the darkness behind the sunshine,
And you’re poisoning me with your sweet cologne
You are everywhere and I’m all alone...