From the recording Tastiest Licks

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How does it feel when they come at you, run to you, hypnotized?
As I stand here in your corner, watching them stare and flutter their eyes.
How does it feel, to be so gorgeous?
It must feel like you're on stage
As all girls they gather 'round you, and laugh at everything you say?

Tell me that no matter who adores you, no matter who she is walking by
(C’mon and) Please tell me, that no matter what you see
All you see is me, and you’re-all-mine, you’re all mine

It's no surprise, they get tongue-tied, fallin' limp in your laugh
Oh believe me, I have been there, and when I see you, I still get butterflies

So I’ll be cool and I’ll pretend, that I’m okay, I’m all right.. (If you come on)
Give me a little somethin’, blow me a kiss,
remind me you’re comin’ home with me tonight
Please tell me that no matter what you see, all you see is me.