From the recording You Can't Change My DNA

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Bang bang
Bang bang
They can knock on the door
Cause you, oh only you
You got a lock on my heart
You got a lock on my love
You’re all that I see
You’re my only one
You got a lock on my heart
And only you have the key
You’re my sun and moon
The reason I breathe
You got a lock on my heart
That no one can break
I made a platinum promise
And even a strong man won’t have the strength
To cut through to me
Cause I’m a fortress of fate
I’m wrapped up in your chains
And your name is written on everything
So go ahead and
Bang bang
Bang bang
Let them knock on the door
You got a lock on my heart
Whenever I see your eyes
The moment I find you
Across the room
I’m hypnotized
And everyone disappears
Yeah they fade away
And all I want to do is take you home
And wrap you up and say your name
So go ahead and bang bang