1. Tear Into You

From the recording You Can't Change My DNA

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Is this some kind of standoff
See who makes the first move
I’m dying to take a step closer
Closer to you
And it’s okay if you stay in your corner
Let me be in the same room
I just want to breathe you in
And stare at you
I want to tear into you
Take you apart at the seams
And bring you to where you will fall apart
Fall to your knees
I want to tear into you
Till you bleed, till you sweat
Till you cry and you wonder why
It took you so long to give it up
My fingers are burning with anticipation
Can’t wait till we touch
And the thought of you shaking beneath me
Makes me burn, makes me blush
Cause you’re not just a pretty outside
Like thin chocolate that I want to break
Oh no you got something inside
Something that’s making me ache
Are you really a sinner like me
Or are you a tease and a saint
When will you give me permission to play
Oh let me play
I want to tear into you