I stayed over a week in Palm Springs to play several shows, and got to enjoy a few days off. Ah, the desert life. Had a cocktail with Lisa at the top of the Rowan (check out that view!) after strolling through the Thursday night village fest, filled with street vendors and performers. Decided I love El Patron's veggie tacos and prickly pear cactus margaritas- delish! Had to go twice. Bought two pairs of nice (cheap knockoff) sunglasses, and proceeded to lose them both within 3 days. Got a new pair of shoes and enjoyed some pool time. Met the slowest bartended EVER at a hotel I will not name, but he was nice enough, so we still tipped. Met lots of "snowbirds" who come to Palm Springs to escape the cold weather. One of our favorite couple was from Minnesota and the guy apparently likes to go ice fishing. He tried to explain the appeal of this very weird freezing-ass cold-weather hobby, but I did not get it (I'm a Cali girl). I lost my makeup bag and panicked, as it was 15 minutes before show time at the casino. But found it at the front desk just in time to put my face on. Phew. I caught the Doors tribute band Wild Child and Journey tribute band Escape performing at the Rockyard which is always a good time-- catch me there with the full band April 22! Until then, I'm looking forward to my first show at 320 Main in Seal Beach-- happy Easter!