May 23, 2022 - The Greek Amphitheater, Los Angeles, CA
So... the concert was amazing and wow, thanks to my friend Jen, we were in the pit! I got a special "Pit Access" bracelet and proceeded to lose it within 2 minutes so I ran back and begged for another. I must have sounded very shady on my "lost it" story but it really did apparently fall off, somewhere between the restroom and the outdoor bar. The sheer panic in my eyes I guess convinced the guy to believe me and issue another. I haven't really had that much "pit" experience, where there are no actual seats, so I asked the staff for any tips. "Go pee," she said, "and then wait for the person in front of you to pee and move in." Brilliant! But the folks in front of us either didn't drink anything two days prior to concert, or were wearing urinary pee bags/absorbent diapers (actually not a bad idea, I will have to consider next time). Anyway, our spot was still fantastic and I got some amazing photos! I kind of forgot to shoot though, cuz I was so enjoying the concert! LP was dripping with her usual style, wearing a flowing elegant shirt topped by a smart white vest, both open enough to reveal her bad-ass chest tattoo. She played what looked like a Mini Martin guitar as well as the ukulele and tambourine. All great stuff but the true amazing thing about her is that ridiculously huge 5-octave voice, and the brilliant lyrics and melodies she sings. It's true poetry, with gut-wrenching twists and turns that intrigue without leaving you lost, as she leads the way to the point of the song, clear and sharp as a sword in your heart. Layer on top her fun side too, in the form of her whistling, tambourin-ing, and driving home singalongs of ooohs, ohs, and heys. I dare you not to sing along or be moved. Check her out: IAMLP.COM