1. Over You

From the recording Tastiest Licks

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Took a while, I know
It took way too long
For me to let go of your name
I didn’t want you back
But I didn’t want you gone
You were my fire, my rain
It’s been a long time hurt
Digging in your dirt and
Now I’m finally breathing on my own
And I’ve stopped wondering
Where you are at all
And there’s something I think you ought to know
You may think you have me
Where you left me, but you’re wrong
You may think I’m home stirring my stew
Welcome to my past, you’re there at last
I’m over you
I’m over you
Oh yeah
Oh yeah
You were hanging in my closet
Lingering in my sheets
You just couldn’t lay down and die
I couldn’t cut loose
From underneath your reins
I couldn’t get my heart untied
So I won’t save your place anymore
And I won’t set your table
And that’s okay by me
Cause maybe you showed me a little bit of heaven
But then you pulled through hell
Now I’m back where I need to be
I’m over you
I’m over you
My bed’s already made
I finally broke the chain around my heart
And walked away