1. My Evil Twin

From the recording Tastiest Licks

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She looks like me, but she’ll act like someone else
Especially when she comes out at night
After 3 vodkas or 2 Jager shots
Oh, that girl is looking for a fight

I’ll speak sweetly, but she’ll always interrupt
Accusing you of things you didn’t do
I’ll kiss you softly, but she’ll bite your lip
Oh, be careful what that girl will do to you

Please ignore her, that’s my evil twin
She’s got a bone to pick and she’s giving in
To that ugly place where she’s downright mean
That’s my evil twin, that wasn’t me

Here she comes again, ruining my night
All my friends are all her enemies
Her wicked tongue is coming undone
Oh that girl needs therapy
But ya can’t talk sense to a crazy woman
She won’t hear a thing you say
So don’t even try to make peace or pacify her
You better walk away

I don’t know where she came from
Or when she first appeared
And I apologize for her behavior
I wanna kill her, until then...
Please please ignore her