1. On My Mind

From the recording Tastiest Licks

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This time I’m not gonna love you
This time I’m not thinking of you
When I walk away
I put you out of my mind
This time, I will resist
Your cherry smile and your strawberry lips
I won’t fantasize about your gorgeous eyes
Cause I don’t miss you
And I’m not a mess
And I’m finally whole again
And I’m at my best and I’m fine
Cause you’re not on my mind
This time I, I refuse
To think about the way you light up the room
When you’re with me
Oh when you’re with me
And I will not pick up the phone
To call your machine
Just to hear your voice
Even if you scream
I’m lost, I wonder if you’re listening
I won’t look for your hair
To shine in the crowd
I won’t search for your car
As I drive around
When I hear our song, I won’t sing along
I won’t cry anymore
Since you’ve been gone
I don’t miss you
I don’t want you so bad, that I need you
I need you
Never let me tell you that
You never am I ever
Oh tell me am I ever
On your mind