1. Linger

From the recording Tastiest Licks

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I want to let you linger, I want to let you lounge
I want to make excuses to call you and hang around
I want to be in denial, I want to believe
That I’ll be your princess again one day, and you’ll never leave

I don’t want to think you’re happy
Even though I know you are
I want to keep it open
The door to your heart, oh no

I don’t really want to get over you, I don’t wanna let you go
I don’t ever really want to heal, if it means that you’ll disappear…
I wanna keep you here

I don’t want to hide your pictures or stifle my thoughts
I don’t want to avoid you and find someone else when you’re all that I want

And I don’t want to let you wander
I want to keep you nearby
I don’t ever want to lose you, or let you die

I know you’re gone and I’m wasting my time
Keeping your candle lit, building a shrine
Feeding my fury, frenzy as fantasies fly
Dreams and illusions of you in my mind