From the recording Tastiest Licks

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50 pounds of paperweight in this pressure cooker and I know, you know how it feels
Late all week but in slow motion, false hellos, and no one seems real

I’m startin' to crack, I’m ready to break, I’m on the edge, I gotta get outta here
So put on your armor, your purse and gloves
Your lipstick and your heels

W-w-w-welcome to my weekend war
It’s Friday night and I want more
I been sweet all week but God I’m bored
I’m ready to hit the club and hit the floor
Calling all warriors… Calling all warriors

I got my taxi cab and my entourage and we’re walkin' in
In our brand new shoes
(You can hit us with your) jager bombs and your kami shots and we’ll throw em down, we got nothing to lose
Let’s tear the rug and swing around, from all the chandeliers
Cuz we’re princesses and we’re warriors, and if you know how that feels…