1. Second Shot

From the recording You Can't Change My DNA

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So thirsty
I need something wet, in my mouth
So give me one more shot
A little sweet on the rocks
Sugar my rim or give me juice and gin
Oh baby show me what you got
I want a second chance
I see that look in your eye
So don’t close the tab, baby come on back
And won’t you please my tongue this time
Give me a second shot
I think I know what I want
Can you pour it stiff
And give me a twist of that lime and salt
Or maybe cinnamon fun
Out of the bill or you’re gone
You fire ball, you’re making me hot
So maybe you can cool me down with your lemon drop
Give me a second shot
Oh come on
Wet my whistle
Just one more time
Give me one more shot
I want one more shot
I know you can please my tongue
You can please my tongue