From the recording You Can't Change My DNA

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I know you’ve been looking for a girl with a candy heart
And the jelly bean skin
So soft and so sweet
You want to take her home and tuck her in
And buy her a house
With a yard and a picket fence
She could meet your momma
Stand in the kitchen in a summer dress
But you’re in for a big surprise
You’ll soon realize
That you got the girl you got
It’s up to you, you can like her or not
You wanna be in love with a kitten
But she’s a leopard and she’s got spots
And she won’t bend baby
I know she can’t sway
So you can love her or leave her
But you can’t change her DNA
Oh oh oh ohhh
So you got your degree and your tinker toys
And you think if you move the pieces
She’ll be impressed with the pressure
And she’ll be redesigned
Cause you think you’re an architect
Blueprints in your head
But when you draw a box around her
She’ll laugh and then
You’re in for a big surprise
Cause she won’t walk your line
I know you’re losing your grip
But it’s on your own remiss
Cause you’re fantasies of what you want her to be
Aren’t who she is
Oh oh oh
Not who she is