1. Heartbeat

From the recording You Can't Change My DNA

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Long gone from paradise
Falling from grace
Nobody’s winning here, nobody’s saving face
You’re wrapped to explode
I fight back in the fold
Nothing’s wrong, we’re fighting over fool’s gold
We may think, that we’re no good for each other
Cause love is sometimes poison, sometimes pain
Oh but you feel so good in my veins
Cause I need you more than heroine
I can’t pull out of your syringe
And breaking up with you will hurt more than staying in
Cause you’re my heartbeat
My heartbeat
My heartbeat
My heartbeat
My heartbeat
Just one more kiss
And I’ll beg for it
Cause the taste of you is the sweetest I found
Its always heaven
When you’re wrapped around me
And diving through me deep, you’re diving down
So please don’t go
Please don’t leave
Cause I need you
I need you
Or I can’t breathe
Please don’t go