1. Soon

From the recording You Can't Change My DNA

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Tick tock my love I'm getting stronger
simmering each time you leave me burned
tick tock my love you should not take me for granted
I thought by now my love you woulda learned
Tick tock you can't keep pushing me so hard
I know you've gotten used to seeing me bend
but you don't see the backbone I've been growing underneath
And the sweetness that I give you is gonna end
Soon I'm not gonna love you
Soon I'm not gonna cry
Soon I'll be the girl I wanna be
With the strength to say goodbye
Baby can't you see I'm open wide?
And all you have to do is treat me nice
But every time I give you one more chance to hold my heart
You just take another bite
Tick tock ya know time is not a statue
And she'll make you take a pill you have to swallow
And suddenly you'll find yourself missing me a ghost...
Now I'm not gonna love you
Now I'm not gonna cry
Soon is gone and now it's time
For me to finally say goodbye