Lollipop Shot

Happy V-Day weekend! Here’s a fun sweet shot for your V-day weekend, my own variation of a Lollipop shot: Amaretto, Cherry Liqueur, fresh lime, and a tootsie roll garnish- delish! #jennifercorday #happyvalentinesday #lollipopshot #tootsieroll #amaretto

Gay Music

I was just asked by a book author Ron Waite what gay music meant to me.

I remember when I first started, my girlfriend, who acted as my manager (isn't that always the case) and I had huge dry erase…

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Off Road in the Jeep!

My new Jeep is proving to be all the fun it promised! I am slowly pimping it out to be the Mobile Machine I envision: speakers mounted on the tailgate and some stage lights in the bed. The graphic design…

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Happy New Year with Donuts!

Got a dozen donuts on New Year's Eve morning and ate them all. Well, there was one left... I'm not sure if I was proud or ashamed. OK, Lisa and Terri helped, but still, I had at least five. I…

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I Am Woman

I am recording "I Am Woman" and it's sounding amazing! I decided to track the song a while ago, after performing it live at a Women's March I did in Seal Beach. It got such a fabulous response and I've…

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Lifeguard Stations: A right of passage

I was shocked when MA and Terri told me they had never sat on a lifeguard station. And then I remembered: they are East Coast girls. Transplants. It's kind of a right of passage if you want to be a…

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Happy Thanksgiving!

This Thanksgiving will be a small one for all of us. No large gatherings. No congregations in the kitchen, cooking and laughing with family and friends. Like everyone, I pouted for awhile, but then decided to make the best of…

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Friday Photoshoot

I'm having a photo shoot this Friday with photographer Jeanine Hill. I need some new shots for the new album coming out real soon. It kind of happened by accident, but I think I will go for a gold them…

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I admit it: I get Botox.

I'll be honest: I get Botox. I admit it. I must say that I admire women that say fuck it! Age gracefully! But I can't help it. It's just so easy to go visit my Dr. Joe in Orange County…

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